Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Sheet Vinyl flooring is vinyl flooring that comes in large continuous and flexible sheets. It is usually made with skeuomorphic patterns that imitate wood, stone or tile. This type of flooring is very popular as it looks attractive, is easy to install, is durable, inexpensive and provides insulation. It also serves an important function of preventing the water from infiltrating to the subfloor as it is water-impervious.

Stylish Sheet Vinyl Flooring for Kitchen

The kitchen is a place where there tends to be a lot of spillage and a fair amount of footfall which can make the floor dirty. Sheet vinyl flooring is an ideal choice for a kitchen. It is durable and very easy to clean, two key requirements for kitchen flooring.

Entrust us with the fitting of sheet vinyl floors in your kitchen. We will take note of your requirements and can provide a stylish solution which will complement your kitchen. This at very budget friendly prices!

Top quality Sheet Vinyl Flooring for Bathroom

It is important that the flooring in the bathroom should always be slip resistant. You should choose a floor material that does not withhold water or is waterproof, thus making it non-slippery. Vinyl floors are a great choice for bathrooms, especially wet rooms. Vinyl floors are water-impervious and prevent infiltration of water to the subfloor. Sheet vinyl flooring is, therefore, an ideal choise for your bathroom.

And who is better at it than us? We fit your bathroom with top quality sheet vinyl flooring with perfection and attention to detail.

Sheet Vinyl Flooring Fitter & Installer

Using our industry-leading installation techniques, we make sure your sheet vinyl flooring looks just as impressive as when displayed in the brochure. Before installation, it is important to assess the subfloor to identify any unevenness. If there is any, the surface is then smoothed before carrying out the installation. It is also important to let the vinyl sheet rest on the floor of the room, so as to avoid making multiple cuts to it as it relaxes. This is an important step to prolong the life and enhance the look of your vinyl floors.

Over the past 20 years, we have honed our expertise to give our clients an exceptional installation finish for a reasonable price. We can install your sheet vinyl floor on any kind of subfloor. Whether it’s smooth concrete or marble.

Our experienced fitters and installers are very passionate about their work. We give every project the utmost care and attention. We keep ourselves up to date with the latest techniques, tools and materials to be able to give you a stylish vinyl flooring.

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