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Carpet in Watford

It’s all in the name really. We supply and fit all makes and brands of carpet. Whether you’re looking for a 80/20 Wool Twist for your through lounge or a traditional patterned Wilton carpet for your stairs and landing. You may prefer something thick, soft and child proof for your bedrooms. We have it all.

We deal direct with UK manufacturers from the likes of Cormar and Westex to carpets manufactured in Belgium from Associated Weavers and Condor. However the secret to a long lasting carpet is the underlay. We have over 30 types of underlay available from well known companies like Ball and Young, who make Cloud 9 underlays and Duralay the manufacturer of System 10 rubber underlays. Fitting on any of these underlays guarantees a comfortable, warm and long lasting carpet.

Carpet Fitters & Installer in Watford

Buying a new carpet can be exciting and stressful at the same time. From choosing the right product to installing it correctly, it’s a major decision and a lot of thinking and hard work goes into the process. However, we can provide professional advice and support to take the stress away. Our experts will listen to your requirements, and advise on an individual basis, tailoring your choice to suit your family lifestyle. We’ll do all the heavy lifting so that you can sit back and watch your carpets being laid by trustworthy professionals with 20+ years of experience.

Clever Carpets is one of the leading suppliers and installers of carpets in Watford and surrounding counties. Whether you want to carpet a single room or the entire home, you can use our expertise for any carpet installation job, big or small.

Looking for quality carpets in Watford? You don't have to leave the comfort of your home to buy the carpet of your choice. We will bring our finest collection to your doorstep so that you can discuss your requirements, purchase your flooring and have it installed by our professionals at an affordable price.

Carpet Showroom Near Watford Area

Clever Carpets is a Mobile carpet showroom that provides a wide range of carpets for every budget and lifestyle preference. Our warehouse is not open to the public, meaning we can keep our costs low, and pass those savings onto you the customer. Like most busy households, we’re aware that traipsing through a carpet store is hard work. That’s why we provide a home delivery service. Give us a call and have our experts bring to you a range of carpets to fit your budget and choice of material.

We have carpets for every room and purpose. Whether you want to create a warm and cosy sanctuary by the fireplace or furnish your staircase with carpet runners, we have everything that you need.

You can shop by type of fibre, underlay, pile height or manufacturer. If you need a new carpet but are not sure how to find the best match for your needs, we offer expert advice to narrow down your options based on your budget and requirements so that it's easy for you to choose.

Call us today.

Clever Carpets – Where quality meets comfort

Professional Carpet Suppliers and Fitters in Watford

Common Questions about Carpet

Plush, Berber, frieze, textured, and patterned carpet are just a few of the several varieties that are offered. In contrast to Berber carpet, which is looped and casual, plush carpet is smooth and velvety. Textured carpet has a rough surface, while frieze carpet has a twisted, coiled pile. Carpet with patterns has a decorative pattern.

The intended usage of the space and your own tastes will determine the ideal kind of carpet for you. Contrary to Berber, frieze, and textured carpet, plush carpet is typically more expensive than other carpet kinds. Carpet with patterns typically costs more than carpet with solid colours.

Consider the intended use of the space, the traffic level, and your personal tastes when selecting the correct type and style of carpet for your area. Berber carpet is appropriate for low-traffic or informal areas, whereas plush carpet is best for formal or high-traffic settings. For high-traffic areas, frieze and textured carpets are recommended. A room can look more visually interesting with a patterned carpet.

The price of carpet varies depending on the type, size of the room, and installation costs. Labour costs range between £1.50 and £3 per square foot on average. In general, a larger space will require more carpet, which will cost more. It's also possible to incorporate installation fees.

The total square footage of the room can be calculated by multiplying the length and width of the room. For overlaps and cuts, add a few additional inches. Take into account any doorways or barriers that might call for specialised cutting or measures.

Remove all of the room's possessions, including any furniture, and all nails and tacks from the floor. Remove the flooring and make sure the floor is dry and clean before placing over an existing floor. If the room includes baseboards or trim, you might have to take them out and put them back on once the carpet has been put down.

The size and complexity of the installation will determine how long it takes to complete. While a larger, more intricate room would require a day or more to complete, a smaller, simpler room might be finished in a few hours. Underlayment must be laid before the carpet can be cut, fitted, and edge-trimmed. The underlayment is a layer of fabric that offers insulation, sound absorption, and cushioning. The carpet is then measured, fitted to the space, and any necessary trimming is done to the edges.

Regularly vacuum your carpet and spot-clean spills and stains to maintain it and increase its longevity. Depending on traffic and wear, have your carpet professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Professional cleaning may extend the life of your carpet by removing embedded dirt and stains.

Depending on your expertise and ability level, you may be able to instal carpet yourself or you may need to contact a professional. With the correct equipment and instructions, you might be able to do it yourself if you've got some experience and don't mind using tools. However, it is advised to employ a professional if you are unsure about your capacity to instal carpet.

When putting carpet in a particular space or over a certain type of flooring, there are additional considerations to be made. For instance, to prevent slipping, carpeting stairs need to be properly fitted and secured. Using carpet over concrete necessitates the use of a moisture barrier. When choosing carpet for a room, take into account the type of carpet and the space's intended purpose.

Follow local laws and restrictions when disposing of old carpet. Use a local recycling programme to recycle old carpet or give it to a charity or resale shop instead. Old carpet can be disposed of at a landfill or waste disposal facility nearby if none of these alternatives are feasible.

A carpet's durability is determined by its quality, usage, and upkeep. While a lesser-quality carpet in a high-traffic area could need to be changed in as little as three years, a good-quality carpet in a low-traffic area can last up to ten years. To increase the lifespan of your carpet, have it professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months.

The Different Types of Carpet for Your Home

Tufted Carpets

Made by inserting tufts of yarn into a backing material which are then locked in place with adhesive or by needle-punching.

Woven Carpets

Produced on a loom using a variety of techniques to create complex patterns and designs.

Loop Pile/Berber Carpets

Looped fibres that are uncut and remain the same length, creating a durable and low-maintenance surface.

Bonded Carpets

Made from recycled materials which are bonded together with adhesive to form a dense and durable carpet.

Cut Pile Carpets

The fibres are cut to create an even surface making it soft and comfortable on your feet.

Saxony Pile Carpets

Features dense, tightly packed fibres that create a luxurious and plush surface.

Twist Pile Carpets

Made from twisted fibres that are cut to create a soft and comfortable surface.

Tip Sheared Carpets

Features a combination of cut and uncut fibres to create a textured and visually interesting surface.

Velvet Pile

A cut-pile carpet with a short, dense pile that creates a luxurious and elegant appearance.

Triexta Carpets

Made from a synthetic fibre that is durable, stain-resistant, and eco-friendly.

Frieze Carpets

Made from tightly twisted yarns creating a textured and durable surface that hides footprints and dirt.

Wilton Carpet

Produced on a specialised loom that weaves the fibres together to create complex patterns and designs.

Axminster Carpet

Made on a loom that uses a combination of weaving and tufting techniques to create complex patterns and designs.

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