Give Your Stairs a Unique Style

By customising carpets we can give you endless possibilities to create your own unique stair runner. Carpets are cut to the width you specify and whipped in a colour of your choice. We can complete the look by fitting stair rods in any number of styles and designs. We also work closely with companies like Fibre Flooring and Kersaint Cobb who offer a good selection of natural floor coverings like Sisal and Seagrass. Sisal is an organic fibre which is both strong and durable. It's made from the leaf fibre of the plant Agave Sisalana, most commonly used for rope making. This super strong fibre can complete any stair runner looking for that natural look.


Call us for more detailed information or to arrange a home visit.

Striped Carpet Runner / Sisal Stairs and Landing Runners

Your stair case is an opportunity to show your personality. This is the first impression friends or family have when they enter your home. And this is where you can really impress people with your choice of flooring – a striped carpet or runner on your stairs and landing can create a bold and inspiring entrance.

Clever Carpets provides a range of striped carpets for stairs and landings. We have over 20 years of experience in supplying and installing carpet runners on all kinds of stairs, quarter and half landings. If we need to stitch a bull nose, we will. If you want ribbon binding, we can do that. Anything you ask, even if we haven’t done it before, we will try. Innovation in the flooring game is why we love it so much.
We understand that no two staircases are the same. To give you the best fit for your staircase, we have experienced estimators and carpet fitters on hand. We will take highly accurate measurements prior to installation so that there's minimal wastage in the process of cutting and trimming.

Whether you want a wall-to-wall fit or some space along the edges, we can deliver this to your preference. Or you can choose a matching broadloom with your carpet stair runner to add unique texture to your landing.

We custom make rugs and runners. That means all carpets can be made into a runner. It also means all carpets can be made into a unique rug for you. If you have waste from your flooring then why not give us a call. We’ll whip/bind your waste pieces and turn them into useful rugs or runners.

Don't just leave your stairs bare, cold and noisy. There are immense benefits to installing carpet runners on your stairs.
If you have a newly installed oak or hardwood staircase, a stair runner can protect its finish for many years to come. It also offers an essential grip to avoid staircase tripping hazards, which can cause serious injuries. Particularly important if you have children or adults with limited mobility within your household.

Wool Stair Runner

Add style and character to your stairs with a wool stair runner. Whilst sanding and staining your hardwood stair treads is expensive and will need maintenance to stay looking good, a wool stair runner is a long-term investment with low maintenance. If you have pets, we can provide carpet options which are easy to keep clean, moth proof and very durable. Call now to discuss further!

Find the best carpet for stairs and landing

Okay. So, this is a tricky one. Finding a suitable carpet for your staircase can be quite a daunting task. Frankly, choosing the perfect carpet isn’t always that easy. You need to keep a lot of things in mind. First of all, what type of material do you want? Do you want a bleach cleanable carpet? What weight of carpet? What style of carpet? Which underlay is good for the stairs? It’s a time-consuming process to say the least. We at Clever Carpets look to help guide you through the pitfalls. We bring you a wide range of carpets in all hues and sizes straight to your door. We can discuss different underlay options, show colour options and help you make a lasting choice for your staircase.

We have an exclusive range of staircase just for you. Feel free to call us or contact us to discuss further. We can often give you a guide price over the phone. Striped stair carpet or a sisal stair runner can transform your home from drab to fab! And they are all available at Clever Carpets. Just call us and we’ll send a mobile carpet store to your home. Yes, that’s right. You can now call us to come straight to you.




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