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Waterproof Laminate Flooring

Safety flooring is slip resistant and highly durable. It’s often found in high traffic areas of schools, offices and in some cases private homes. Using specialist fitting techniques this type of flooring can provide a complete waterproof solution. We can cap and cove (run the floors up the side of the walls), weld joins and prepare subfloors to make sure this flooring solution does exactly what’s required. We’ve completed many jobs using this technique and guarantee all the work we do.

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Avoid Danger With Commercial Non Slip Safety Flooring

Slipping on a wet bathroom floor can be dangerous. Nothing is worse than slipping unexpectedly on a wet floor. It goes without saying that it can lead to injuries. At Clever Carpets, our aim has always been to avoid such situations. In order to ensure the same, we bring our customers a wide range of non-slip vinyl flooring solutions. This means that you won’t have to worry about a wet bathroom floor anymore. Floors constructed using non-slip bathroom flooring can be considered a long-term investment. These floors will stay with you for years to come. They aren’t prone to damage and are sturdy enough to withstand the rigours and vigours of everyday life.

We provide both commercial and residential flooring services. Schools, offices, or residential homes, we supply and fit all manner of flooring. The fact our prices are great does not take anything away from the quality of the work that is undertaken by us. We are based in North London. Just give us a call and we’ll help you out with just about everything to do with your floor.

Laminate Flooring London

Non-slip bathroom flooring happens to be of utmost importance if you have aging adults and children at home. You need to take an extra step in order to ensure that everybody stays safe. In all fairness, a lot of injuries occur in the bathroom area as the floor tends to be slippery. We, at Clever Carpets, aim to keep such situations at bay. Our commercial safety flooring is slip-resistant, which means you don’t have to worry about anything while taking a shower. When the bathroom floor gets wet, you’ll be able to walk over it without slipping. We bring you a wide range of anti-slipping flooring solutions such as wet room flooring and waterproof laminate flooring at pocket-friendly prices.

An ideal non-slip flooring arrangement is an Altro or Polyflor vinyl flooring. Crowded areas such as schools and households need anti-slip flooring solutions because kids are involved. Using specialist anti-slip techniques is a great way of staying safe at home. We can weld joins and build subfloors in order to ensure that you don’t end up slipping in the bathroom area. We have completed a lot of jobs using this technique and we assure you that these flooring techniques are good enough to go the distance.

London's Laminate Flooring Installer

Using our industry-leading installation techniques, we make sure your water resistant laminate flooring looks just as impressive as when displayed in the brochure you’ve been looking at. Over the 20 years of service, we have honed our expertise to give our clients an exceptional installation finish for a reasonable price. We can install your laminate floor on any kind of subfloor. Whether it's a rough concrete floor, or uneven floorboards, we’ll find a way to make it work.

Before installation, we assess your subfloor to identify moisture issues and deliver surface preparation if necessary. This is an important step to prolong the life of your laminate floors.

Laminate floors in their raw form are not truly waterproof. However, considering the everyday spillage that's inevitable in any household, our laminates are all resistant on the surface to water. They’re also all completely scratch resistant creating a strong durable floor for years to come.

Are you looking for a price estimate for waterproof flooring in London? Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and the kind of flooring you need. Our experts will give you an installation quote upfront without any pressure to buy. If you decide we are right for the job we’ll be excited to get started on transforming your home.

One of the Best Laminate Flooring in the UK

What makes Clever Carpets one of the best suppliers and installers of laminate flooring in the UK?
We are committed to providing top-quality laminate products and services because flooring is a long term investment that should last for many years to come.

Cheap laminate flooring costs you less initially but can start to wear within months. On the other hand, a high quality laminate flooring is a little more costly to start, but it's a worthwhile expense in the medium to long term.

Why buy laminate flooring?

If you are still two minds about installing laminate flooring, here are a few benefits that may help you make up your mind.

Got a busy house, kids, allergies? Our laminates are all scratch resistant . Durable and designed to last for years, laminate is a great alternative to a solid or engineered wood floor. If you suffer from allergies or are sensitive to dust, laminate is a wipe clean surface. Carpet’s can hold dust if not hoovered regularly, whereas a laminate is very easy to keep clean with a damp mop or surface wipe.

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