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Non Slip Bathroom Flooring

Did you know 80 percent of falls among senior citizens occur in the bathroom every year? Bathrooms are the biggest culprits when it comes to slips and falls due to wet surfaces. This is because bathrooms have excess moisture, mainly due to condensation on tiled surfaces, making them slippery. To add to the pain, soap, shampoo and lotion can make the surface feel like an ice rink.

This is why flooring in the bathroom should ideally be slip resistant. You should always choose a floor material that does not hold water, thus making it non-slippery. This is particularly important for households where elderly people and children are present. Non-slip flooring is crucial. Many people have mobility issues and for them, it is essential that you choose non-slip bathroom flooring.

Wet Room Flooring


We, at Clever Carpets & flooring, are the perfect choice for getting your non-slip bathroom flooring complete from start to finish. We provide care and attention to every aspect, from choosing the right flooring for your bathroom to the desired/optimum slope. It is very important for the water to drain and not remain on the safety floor. Standing water in high usage areas is risky and can be dangerous.

Bathroom Laminate Flooring Installer

Using our industry-leading installation techniques, we make sure your water resistant laminate flooring looks just as impressive as when displayed in the brochure. Over the past 20+ years of service, we have honed our expertise to give our clients an exceptional installation finish for a reasonable price. We can install your laminate floor on any kind of subfloor. Whether it's smooth concrete or pine floorboards.

Before installation, we assess your subfloor to identify moisture issues and deliver surface preparation if necessary. This is an important step to prolong the life of your laminate floors.

Laminate floors in their raw form are not truly waterproof. However, considering the everyday spillage that's inevitable in any bathroom, we can help stop them getting damaged by fillings joins with a water resistant glue.

Luxury & Stylish Bathroom Flooring

We are confident of giving you the best solutions at very cost-effective prices. You get both luxury and style! Once you have had your bathroom supplied and fitted by us, we are confident you will be impressed and very happy with our service. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today to discuss all your bathroom needs and allow us to provide you with a luxury bathroom that you will want to show off to your visitors!

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Wet Room Flooring

We can help you create a perfect shower space with a wide range of anti-slip wet room flooring solutions matched to your budget and the rest of the décor.

Looking for wet room flooring but not sure what will work in your shower space? Our professionals can guide you so that you can make an informed buying decision based on what you need and how you want your shower space to look. Often, a wet room flooring is required for disabled bathrooms. It can be quite daunting working out what’s required. Fear no more, we know what’s required and how it should be fitted. So call us to arrange a home visit.

A professionally installed wet room can add immense value to your home. And to ensure it has the wow factor, we carefully work with you to select the perfect material for your wet room flooring taking into account your preferences for colour, pattern and every other detail that matters to you.

Stylish & Luxury Wet Room Flooring

Who said your shower space has to be boring? After all, it's where you start your day and unwind, often after a long day of working. Let your shower space stand out with our wet room flooring solutions that are practical and stylish.

We source top-quality materials and use advanced tools combined with our 20 years of experience to give you wet room floors to suit any budget.

While aesthetics are important, we ensure the crucial preparation work is undertaken before we fit your floors.

UK's Top Wet Room Installer & Fitter

What makes us the UK's top wet room installer & fitter?

We possess a craft that's been perfected over a period of 20 years. We keep ourselves up to date with the latest techniques, tools and materials to make sure your wet room floor stays functional as well as relevant to home improvement trends of the future.

Waterproofing is one of the most crucial parts of the wet room installation process. Apart from the floor, the lower section of the walls also need to be primed and sealed with waterproofing material. Our vast experience in waterproofing enables us to handle this efficiently. We make sure there are no fissures or cracks left to be filled later.

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